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Alright. So this is a Yuugiou GX Rating Community! You rate the people as one of the Yuugiou GX characters, including:

Yuki Juudai / Jaden Yuki
Marafuji Shou / Syrus Truesdale
Maeda Hayato / Chumley Huffington
Manjoume Jun / Chazz Princeton
Tenjouin Asuka / Alexis Rhodes
Tenjouin Fubuki/ Atticus Rhodes
Misawa Daichi / Bastion Misawa
Marafuji Ryou / Zane Truesdale
Daitokuji-sensei / Banner
Chronos De Medici / Dr. Vellian Crowler
Any others that are not listed here...

Community Rules:

1. No flaming/insulting.
2. You must join the community to post.
3. Vote even if you haven’t been stamped please...and you may vote for two characters for one person if you feel you must.
4. You may post cosplay pictures only after you have been stamped.
5. All pictures are to be behind an lj-cut please.
6. Fill out the survey below...and pretend there's a "why" attached to just about every question.
7. If you feel you have not been stamped accordingly, you may re-apply after 2 weeks of being originally stamped. Please label that you are 'Re-applying' when you do so.
8. After being stamped upload to your own server.
9. Please type "Pharaoh is a NEKO!" in your heading to let us know that you've read the rules...and yes, the rules are important.

Voting Rules:
1. No insulting/flaming...like said before.
2.BOLD your votes, please!
3. All questions are implied 'why'. If you do not explain why you answered a certain way, don't expect to get voted properly.
4. After you have received 5 votes as a certain character, you will be stamped.
5. You must vote on 3 other people's applications before you can submit your own.
6. Check out our Stamped Members List!



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