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Pharoah is a NEKO!

First off, list the links of the three others you voted for: One, Two....POOF! :D


Name: Pikachuchansan

Nickname: Pika...Chan-San...Um, that's about it. ^^U

Age: Zeh shweet sixteen.

Likes: Obscure movie references, groan-induced puns, shows that aren’t actually yaoi but is still pretty damn gay, yuri (yay, lesbians! XD), slapstick humor, yo mama jokes, birds, music, the internets

Dislikes: Shows that actually have yaoi in them, animes/shows that are overrated, video games that

Strong Points: I get my homework and projects done right away, I have a positive outlook on life(or at least, I’m working on it…^^U), I try to make other people happy even when I’m miserable, people are very friendly and nice to me! :D

Weak Points: I’m very lazy at things like studying, I whine a lot if I don’t want to do something, I’m not the brightest crayon in the box sometimes XP, if you tell me something I’ll probably forget it(I forget where I put things and when I walk in a room, and sometimes I forget why I was in my room in the first place), I look down on people who aren’t as smart as me, I have a huge dependacy/devotion/heroworship towards my best friend

Pet Peeves: LOUD NOISES, people who clap at the end of a movie, people who think they are all that, people who only talk about themselves, insects that buzz in your ear, parents who nag


Hobbies: Drawing, livejournal-ing, listening to music, collecting manga, the nerdy stuff

Talents: I’m a good listener!

Favorite Color: Forest green and purple(just not together).

Favorite Food: Steak with mushrooms and onions. <3

Favorite Sport: Dueling! The best sport out there! XD

Where would you like to go in the world if you were able to go anywhere? Why?: I’d go to Japan to go get some doujinshi because when the Japanese create a time machine, I’m going back in time to go save Steve Irwin from dying. :D

Favorite quote/motto. Why?: Ha, I guess just whatever I like saying at the moment.


Three adjectives about yourself: Oh, god, I don’t know. XD Umm…follower, hard-headed, and persistant when I feel like it. XD

Mature or Immature?: Immature when I’m around my friends and family, but mature when I need to be.

Leader or Follower?: Definitely a follower. I can’t even lead my way out of a paper bag. XP

What's your energy level- low, medium, or high?: High all the time, I guess. Even when I’m on the computer I talk to myself like a crazy, hyper person. XD
Are you a morning or nighttime person?: Nighttime. I go to sleep a lot later than I should…

What's your role in your group(s) of friends?: “The Listener”, I guess. ^^


Favorite character. Why?: Tyranno Kenzan-saurus! Because he’s tan, has grey/golden eyes, loves dinosaurs, tacks on that cute little: “don” and “saurus” at the end of his sentences, and he looks totally kickass but is actually a total pussy. I lurve him. XD And he’s totally hilarious in the dub. Him and Sy just beat the hell out of the fourth wall.

Least favorite character. Why?: I don’t have a least favorite. They’re all like my children, I love them all!~

Favorite pairing. Why?: Kenzan/Sho! Because their fights are obviously pent-up sexual frustration and need to get together NOW, damnit! Johan/Judai because they are obvious boyfriends just two of a kind. And Jim/O’Brian is like…my current obsession, too. I blame episodes 138-143 and this comic. XD


Anything else?: Please vote! And, um, I hope I get someone who hasn’t gotten stamped yet (but mostly please vote!)! ^_^


Describe what you look like in detail, or post atleast one or two, clear pictures of yourself. Please no cosplay: STEREOTYPICAL ANIME EXPRESSIONS!! :D
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Hmmm...I'm going to have to say Jim...alot of your answers point to him and then some.

Hee! Jim! <3

Thanks so much for the vote!
Your welcome, you know, I didn't realize this before, but Jim's name is an obscure movie reference to one of my all time favorite movies...now that I realize this, I like him even more...

I have a good feeling about you...I'm adding you to my friends list.
Huh? Really? Which movie?

Heh, thanks! I'm new here, so I need all the friends I can get! :D
The movie is The Man From Snowy River. The main character is an rough riding Australian highlander named Jim Craig.
I went out and rented it, but only had a chance to watch the first few minutes of it. T.T It's good so far, though! Bessie= Karen? XD
I think that Danny=Karen actually.
I see Juudai ^_^;;;
!! Judai! :DD

Thanks for the vote!
Judai. Because he's so clueless. And he's awesome because of it...I guess.
I'm clueless??? :0 Thankies for the vote, Zorel! :D Now I won't have to beat you up at school on Monday! :3


March 26 2008, 13:43:12 UTC 10 years ago Edited:  March 26 2008, 13:43:49 UTC

Juudai -- BBY. Just because of your personality, and the lightness of which you talk about yourself and your outlook on life. *Fails at describing whatever she's talking about.* :3
Haha, you don't fail! :D Thank you for your vote, it means a whole lot! X3