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Pharoah is a NEKO!

First off, list the links of the three others you voted for:



3) Uh...When I clicked on the "needs votes" tag, I only saw two that needed voting. .__.; Did I do something wrong? ;__;

Name: Jiana
Nickname: CJ
Age: 14
Likes: sushi rolls, Naruto, Fantastic Four, piercings, alternative music, Helena, loud makeup, singing, playing piano, playing violin, my fellow losers, women (yeah, you read that right!), Tank Girl, multi-coloured hairstyles, short hair, dancing to rock music, my drum, transsexuals, lesbians, having and withholding honor, scaring the shit out of people, Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob, Dante and Randall, Mallrats, Clerks 2, crazy people, violence on TV, free speech, pissing off authority figures, skipping school, English class, Tank Girl, Hellboy, chickies, google, sleeping, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Lori Petty, Wikipedia, Booga, punk rock, people who don't suck, Christina, Tankie, Sub Girl, Jet Girl, comic books, minor firework explosions in the neighbor's yard, blowing sh*t up in my microwave, Jackass, VH1, pissing off people, Booga, Livejournal, DeviantArt, drawing, nail polish, painting my nails, looking like a weirdo, scaring people, getting the wrong kind of attention, cursing like a motherf*cker, my English class, my English teacher, offending Christains, pissing off church-goers, punk, jumping around, sleeping in, Hellboy Animated, dying hair lots of colours, etc.
Dislikes: anybody who tries to tell me off about stuff, school, adults
Strong Points: I like drawing, singing, art in general, breaking rules, kicking azz and taking names, body piercings, and irritating the general populace.
Weak Points: Trying to explain to anybody, ever, why I ever do anything, trying to explain to teachers that yes, I do kiss my Mother with this mouth, but not like that, you icky people, and trying to describe why I'm going to get my head shaved this weekend at my friend's house. (If y'all are wondering, it's in support of cancer patients.)
Pet Peeves: Stupid people, school-related anything, parents who don't instill some f*cking sense into their children, those Wheely sneakers that turn into skates, people who think they're the sh*t but just really, really suck, and people who won't listen for anything.

Hobbies: Drawing, signing, going online and bothering people, attempting to dye my hair
Talents: Not sure, but performing arts, music, and drama seems to be my forte, pardon the pun.
Favorite Color: Neon Pink, like my hair will be soon
Favorite Food: Honey Buns. <3
Favorite Sport: Running! :D
Where would you like to go in the world if you were able to go anywhere? Why?: Scotland, because it's as far away from Florida as I can think of.
Favorite quote/motto. Why?: "You like that drink I made you? Hell, thanks; it took four hours to find the right size cockaroach." -Me, telling my friend this after she was an asshat to me and man, Girl Scouts SUCKED. D:

Three adjectives about yourself: What the hell's an adjective? I only remember what verbs and nouns are.
Mature or Immature?: Completely batshit insane. Uh, both? It depends on what's going on.
Leader or Follower?: Leader! But nobody ever listens to me... ;__;
What's your energy level- low, medium, or high?: Depends. On the period? I'm asleep. Otherwise? GIMME THAT RED BULL, BIZNITCH.
Are you a morning or nighttime person?: I am, to the best of my knowledge, nocturnal.
What's your role in your group(s) of friends?: Crazy woman.

Favorite character. Why?: Bastion/Misawa; my Bastion/Tania/Cat OTP will NEVER END. I WILL NOT LET IT. D:<
Least favorite character. Why?: Chaz/Manjoume; he's a douchebag. And his weird-ass little buddies-the Ojamas-bug the hell out of me. D:<
Favorite pairing. Why?: Bastion/Tania/Cat. Because that crack is potent. XD

Anything else?: I like Tank Girl, and live my life using that as my guide. So, if I'm offensive, blame...nobody. HA!

Describe what you look like in detail, or post atleast one or two, clear pictures of yourself. Please no cosplay:

My sad explanation for this photo is that it was a photo shoot for my dance troup, for whom I play the drum I'm leaning on, which is called a dumbek. Yay, drums! And I'm not smiling, because they made me take off my glasses. ;__; (I'm related to computer_ninja, if you see a resemblance. XD Sorry, but this is the only pic I have of myself! (And I'm not really in cosplay, because...yeah.)

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Tags: manjyome, stamped!!!
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