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Pharaoh is a NEKO!

First off, list the links of the three others you voted for:

Nickname:Hime chan, I'm your princess and your friend.
Likes:Ballet, Pointe, Cosplay, anime, manga, sewing, Japanese, imagination, dress design, cats, babies, singing, acting, learning more about the things I love, my friends, my family, art books, dolls, clamp, music, Nintendo, fairness, fairy tales, guys that make me laugh, Red Green, shoujou and dueling!
Dislikes:Dragon Ball Z, jerks, perverts, pedophiles, law breakers, vampires, ill-behaved children, women who smoke and drink while pregnant, domestic violence, yaoi, arrogance, infant mortality of any kind(I will fight to the death to protect the innocent)
Strong Points:sweet, caring, loving, accepting, empathetic, fun, self-sacrificing, loyal, humble, can make friends with all kinds of people provided they aren't shallow and mean, feminine but willing to get my hands dirty, spiritual, never forgets my friends, respectful, not afraid to say what I think, generous, I'm here when you need me, able to see both sides of the coin, optimistic, beauty and brains, your true friend forever, and resourceful.
Weak Points:short tempered, weak stomach, cry baby(but I cry alone), heart over head, naive, impatient, unrealistic, clumsy, stubborn, sarcastic, procrastination, really bad with directions, competitive, easilly jealous(Make a play for my best friend or my man and you'll be sorry!), needy, overly critical.
Pet Peeves:Cross Dressing, Fan Girls who are obsessed with evil men, bad smells, guys who think they're all that, thieves, liars, shallowness, ingratitude, hypocrites, people who are obsessed with death, women who don't understand that feminism is about equality not domination, irresponsible parents, over sensitivity, pettiness, critics(there are somethings in this world that just can't be explained), people who hate other people because they're "too good" or "too nice" or "too cute"(I fail to see how either is a negative or unlikeable attribute. You need a better reason than that otherwise it's just jealousy in disguise.)

Hobbies:Ballet, Pointe, Cosplay, Manga, video games, writing and dueling(My fairy and harpie decks are always looking for a challenge)
Talents:singing, acting, dueling, drawing, writing
Favorite Color:Pink!
Favorite Food:Pizza, Chocolate and Cheesecake(the holy food trinity)
Favorite Sport:Don't have one unless you count ballet. I've never been athletically inclined.
Where would you like to go in the world if you were able to go anywhere? Why?:Japan, it's a beautiful and fascinating country and sounds like a real adventure!
Favorite quote/motto. Why?: I have many, but have leveled it down to two. "Quando omni flunkus moritati(when all else fails, play dead)" I just love Red Green and his philosophy on life. It's so simple yet so enlightening. This quote tells me that sometimes you just have to admit your limitations in order to grow stronger. Its not necessarily giving up when you've already done everything in your own power. "Because I'm a woman I won't lose!" -Rain Mikamura from G-Gundam I'm happy and proud to be a girl. I've never wished to be a boy. And that doesn't mean I'm weak...appearances can be deceiving. This quote tells me that my pride will not allow me to be taken advantage of in any situation.

Three adjectives about yourself:determined, beautiful and kind
Mature or Immature?:Immature, I don't want to grow up because adults seem to lose their zest for life. I am able to make mature decisions for myself, but I am still following my heart every step of the way.
Leader or Follower?: Depends on the situation. I am a leader in ballet when all the other students hide in the corner. I am not afraid to make mistakes. Someone has to be brave for the others. It is my hope that by doing so I can get more students to be brave leaders in the future. Nevertheless, I know when it's time to be respectful and listen to the advice of others.
What's your energy level- low, medium, or high?: High lately, lots of creative energy keeps me awake at night and wanting to create something new...also, AX is coming up!
Are you a morning or nighttime person?:nighttime, that's when I get all of my best ideas, but I love the sunshine. Waking up in the morning is hard for me, but I make that sacrifice for my art.
What's your role in your group(s) of friends?:the magical princess, I'm not always a damsel in distress, but I am the conscience and light of hope. I can hold my own in battle, and will fight to protect or get back what has been taken from the ones I love. I'm also, quite often, the only girl in the midst of boys, but I don't mind, they're all very sweet!

Favorite character. Why?: Asuka(Alexis), she's like a polymerization of my two favorite classic Yu-gi-oh! girls Mai and Anzu. She rocks!
Least favorite character. Why?:Chronos(Crowler), he creeps me out and doesn't have the skill to match his boasting. Blue lipstick? EWWWWW!
Favorite pairing. Why?:Juudai/Asuka(Jaden/Alexis), beautiful love without being cheesy! They inspire me. It's usually a cute couple that gets me to become attached to an anime and they're the golden pair for GX. They're the crowned Prince and Princess of games and someday they'll make pretty babies! I dislike Juudai/Asuka bashing(naturally), but I stand up to it, because it only hightens my belief that they belong together.

Anything else?: I've been called the Goddess of Love before, but I'd rather consider myself a princess rather than a goddess. I am not perfect, but I mean well. Also, I have no problem with someone else's opinion as long as they don't bash mine. Life is already unfair enough without people who take advantage.

No power of any card can destroy true love!

Describe what you look like in detail, or post at least one or two, clear pictures of yourself. Please no cosplay:long blonde hair, hazel eyes, 5'2", [blush]big boobs, and guys tell me I'm drop-dead gorgeous.
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