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Yuugiou GX Rating~ <3 [entries|friends|calendar]
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Pharaoh is a NEKO! [19 Feb 2009|08:45pm]

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Pharoah is a NEKO! [30 Nov 2008|09:51am]

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UPDATES AHOY!!! [26 Mar 2008|03:47pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

ukina_uchiha as Manjyome Jun
pikachuchansan as Juudai Yuki

The STAMPED LIST has been updated to include them both!

Burstinatrix needs more votes in order to be stamped.

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Pharoah Is A NEKO! [26 Mar 2008|09:47am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Let's Do This!Collapse )

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TIME TO VOTE!!! [31 Aug 2007|10:16am]

[ mood | busy ]

saya_aensland as Asuka Tenjouin
ame_no_genki as Juudai Yuuki
The STAMPED LIST has been updated to include them all!

Also, we have a new affiliate:

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Pharoah is a NEKO! [16 Aug 2007|06:04pm]

[ mood | creative ]

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Pharoah is a NEKO! [08 Aug 2007|04:52pm]

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We've Got A Lot Of Catching Up To Do! [30 Apr 2007|10:35pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hi, I'm your new mod! Forgive the delay. I know it's been FOREVER since we've had a propper update here, but I'm making an effort to catch up!

First of all, I didn't think it was right to do anymore stamping until we had a Fubuki Stamp. Well, thanks to the lovely ibaly, we finally have one!
All those who have been stamped as Fubuki have recieved their stamp at last! You can find them all HERE.


computer_ninja AS JUUDAI
sharkietooth93 AS MISAWA
fearnodarkness AS DAITOKUJI
misty_fantasies AS SHOU
clarissa AS JUUDAI
mitsuki_chi AS SHOU AND MISAWA
yaoilovinotaku as FUBUKI

The STAMPED LIST has been updated to include them all!

Also Amongst the old posts was an affiliate request which I am accepting!
pokesp_rating a Pokemon Special Rating Community

If I have missed an application, name, affiliate request or anything else like that, PLEASE TELL ME A.S.A.P.!!! I don't want anyone to feel left out.

Until next time,

PS. It was groovy to meet our co-mod sk_chan at Sakura Con!

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[08 Mar 2007|03:46pm]

[ mood | guilty ]

Hiya, I was wondering if anybody'd interested in playing Syrus, Bastion or Alexis in a GX RPing community? I've just started the community, and there are also other characters avaliable. Please visit gx_dueling_days


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GX [03 Mar 2007|06:58am]

hey, anybody know where I can download season 3 eps of gx
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HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!! [14 Feb 2007|04:44pm]

[ mood | enthralled ]

In honor of Valentine's Day, your mod would love to add the community of your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! GX shipping to our affiliate family!

The first to join is the one that I mod: juudaiasuka, a Juudai/Asuka(Jaden/Alexis) shipping community.

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Pharaoh is a NEKO! ^_^ [14 Feb 2007|09:49am]

-Insert witty comment here-Collapse )
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Pharaoh is a NEKO! [16 Nov 2006|04:55pm]

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ETA: Oops, forgot to cut...
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New Stamped List! [19 Oct 2006|01:09pm]

[ mood | grateful ]

Let me know if you have been stamped and your name is not listed.

I had to delete the old list in order to update a new one, please don't be offended demytasse. I'm very grateful for all you did for us in the past.

Stamp-ed List~Collapse )

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Hi, I'm Your New Mod! [19 Oct 2006|06:31pm]

[ mood | touched ]

If you want to know more about me, just check out my application.

I've adopted this community because I don't want to see it die. My communities are my babies so if you guys need anything, leave me a note.

I know you guys've come accustumed to doing things a certain way here, so I'm not going to make any drastic changes, but I can see that we're in need of a few updates, so I'll get right on them.

First, we have 3 new affiliate communities:
playhouse_gang, a Pee-Wee's Playhouse Community
peanuts_patch, a Peanuts stamping community
strawberrystamp, an Old-School Strawberry Shortcake community

sk_chan, I need to speak to you about a couple of things as the co-mod, K?

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Hi [17 Oct 2006|09:17pm]

Moderator speaking.
I was wondering if anyone would like to take over as Moderator. I have lost interest in GX, and don't really have an inkling to keep stamping people.
I'm not going to have an application and have to best person get to be mod like I've seen in other communities; first person to show interest gets it. I will give them the stamps and hand over the rights and everything. Yey.

Thank you. You've all been great.
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Pharaoh is a NEKO~! And a cute one at that! XD [01 Oct 2006|05:00am]

[ mood | tired ]

I know what ruins through your blood, you do this all in vain....RATE ME! XDCollapse )

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Pharaoh is a NEKO ~nya [23 Sep 2006|05:34am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

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pharaoh is a NEKO [20 Sep 2006|07:22pm]

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[01 Aug 2006|07:28pm]

[ mood | peaceful ]

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