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Pharoah Is A NEKO!

First off, list the links of the three others you voted for:
~~ According to what Sesame Street taught me, this is only 2. Though, I didn't see anymore. ^^'

Name: Victoria
Nickname: Jun
Age: Twenty
Likes: Dueling, Pokemon, Horror Movies, Rock Lee, Otakon, Guitar Hero, & Dino Crisis.
Dislikes: Lack Of Transportation, Laundry Duty, Asuka & Working.
Strong Points: I'm Hilarious. I'm Intelligent. I'm Usually Friendly
Weak Points: I Tend To Be Rude To People I Don't Like. I'm Kind Of Cocky. I Fight Back.
Pet Peeves: The Sun Waking Me Up. Phone Calls At Early Hours Of The Morn. Emo Poetry.

Hobbies: Dueling, Icon/Graphic Making, Writing, Video Game Playing.
Talents: Is The In-Ability To Give Up, Even Though You're Loosing A Talent?
Favorite Color: It's A Tie. Red & Gold.
Favorite Food: Sushi.
Favorite Sport: Football, Unless Dueling Is A Sport?
Where would you like to go in the world if you were able to go anywhere? Why?: I Think I'd Like To Go To Japan. I Want To See The Culture In Action. Live It For Myself. Take It All In. See What Life There Would Be Like.
Favorite quote/motto. Why?: 'Brains' -- Because It's Hilarious.

Three adjectives about yourself: Humorous, Classy, Obscene
Mature or Immature?: Depends, Immature.
Leader or Follower?: Leader
What's your energy level- low, medium, or high?: Medium
Are you a morning or nighttime person?: Night-Time
What's your role in your group(s) of friends?: The Psychiatrist.

Favorite character. Why?: Manjyome. He's -- Just look at him. He's ... Epic. Not to mention, he's freaking hilarious without even trying. Also, I think because he reminds me of Seto Kaiba -- and I adore Seto Kaiba.
Least favorite character. Why?: Shou. He whines way too much for my liking. Especially in the dubbed series. Urg. "Wait Up!"
Favorite pairing. Why?: ManJuu or JohaJuu. The earlier because, there is so much tension between them, even when it's only one sided, that something has to happen sooner or later. & The later because, their like a pair. They match, mesh and...deserve some dirtiness in their lives.

Anything else?: Did I Mention How Much I Like Dueling?

Describe what you look like in detail, or post atleast one or two, clear pictures of yourself. Please no cosplay: I Swear If I Get Hayato, I'll...

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