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Pharaoh is a NEKO! ^_^

Man…it took me 2 hours to find this community…

First off, list the links of the three others you voted for:


Name: Rita
Nickname: Risa but I think it’s the same name…just with the ‘s’ instead of the ‘t’.
Age: 16…why can’t I get a car yet?!
Likes:>: Here comes the list! Anime/manga, writing, drawing, dancing, music, cute things, yaoi/shounen-ai, TV, Video games, sushi, different religions, anything that is shiny, being a spaz, my hair (Haha!), anything that has to do with some form of gothic…punk-ish thing? And um….food?
Dislikes: Stereotypes, homophobes, any type of –ist (Racist, Sexist…etc), people telling me what to do and thinking they know everything when they don’t, Math in general, my dance teacher because she pisses me off a lot, the hot or the cold, Writer’s block and I really dislike pink. It seems too girly in my opinion. um…that’s about it…
Strong Points: I’m friendly and pretty loyal and really nice to everyone. I’m an ‘odd ball’ (Yes, I find it a strong point!), I guess I’m pretty smart and I’m willing to learn almost anything. I’m not the type of person who would give up very easily…and people have said I’m pretty physically strong for a girl…
Weak Points:: I have a temper but not many people will notice it, I’m also a hypocrite, I procrastinate…A LOT. I have people say I’m a very brutal little girl! I tend to be a little violent (But more or less in a playful manner) and I hate to lose…even to a friend. I also have self-esteem issues. I tend to fear that people will reject me. Does spazing a lot count?

Pet Peeves: When people think they know everything when they don’t, people who got a 85% on their test and think they’re failing, labels, the sound when fingernails are against the chalkboard, and annoying/idiotic people. I really don’t have time for such things!

Hobbies:: Writing, drawing, internet, playing video games and watching TV! Yay I don’t have a life! I guess doing homework too…(*Is shot*) that I have to make up!
Talents: Drawing, writing and singing (Eh…yea right…)
Favorite Color: Green and Purple because green is my birthstone color and purple…is purple!
Favorite Food: I don’t have one…but as long as it’s sweet, it doesn’t matter!
Favorite Sport: Tennis…it’s probably the only sport I’m decent at!
Where would you like to go in the world if you were able to go anywhere? Why?: Hm…this one is hard…I could go anywhere I like but…I’d rather stay home because there’s no place like home! Haha!
Favorite quote/motto. Why?: “Never insult the alligator until you have crossed the river.” I like that quote because I think it basically means never to judge a person by its cover.

Three adjectives about yourself: Cute, calm, and nice!
Mature or Immature?: It depends actually, normally I’m immature but I can mature if you like.
Leader or Follower?: I rather be a follower, I don’t want to be responsible for any damages along the way…
What's your energy level- low, medium, or high?: My energy is never low! I’m medium if I’m having a really bad day or don’t feel like being an insane freak. Which is most days.
Are you a morning or nighttime person?: …Both! I can be very hyper and happy on mornings (But my energy kind of runs out during the afternoon), and I have insomnia issues…n_n;
What's your role in your group(s) of friends?: The insane freak? Haha.

Favorite character. Why?: Shou. He’s reminds me so much of Yugi from the original YGO series. He’s too adorable and you just want to give him a REALLY big hug! Plus, I think he has a lot of potential. And Fubuki, you got to love the funny insane freaks!
Least favorite character. Why?: I don’t have a least favorite character but the one I look down on the most is Misawa because I don’t think he has that much of a character and he doesn’t really stand out to me. But I can related a lot to him. Like I said, I don’t really have a least favorite character.
Favorite pairing. Why?: I do have this thing for Judai/Shou because it’s so canon! Just look carefully! Plus, it’s cute. I do have this other thing for Ryo/Fubuki. The ice price and the…clown? I don’t know…it’s cute too!

Anything else?: Somehow…I have this feeling I’ll get Fubuki…

Describe what you look like in detail, or post at least one or two, clear pictures of yourself. Please no cosplay: I’m camera shy and I don’t feel like posting picture of myself. I have brown/black medium length hair with brown eyes, which are covered up by my red glasses. I kind of have this child-like face. I’m not too fat but I’m not too thin either.
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