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Pharaoh is a NEKO!

First off, list the links of the three others you voted for: Uno, dos, tres.

Name: Saija
Nickname: Saya, Sai, Sadu
Age: 21
Likes: Porn, privacy, Japanese fanart, silence, heavy metal music (how paradoxical), fast Internet connections, sleeping, listening to conversations.
Dislikes: Dishonest people, hypocrites, bigots, assholes in general.
Strong Points: Loyal, patient, slow to anger, low-maintenance, honest.
Weak Points: Naive, gullible, overtly trusting, have great trouble reading non-verbal emotional cues (bloody Asperger's), honest to the point of being inadvertently insulting, deathly afraid of bees/wasps/yellowcoats/anything that buzzes and stings, need absurd amounts of sleep.
Pet Peeves: Loud noises, especially the screaming of little children and the beeping of cell phones.

Hobbies: Net surfing, collecting fanart, daydreaming, downloading anime.
Talents: I'm good at listening to people, and I like to tell myself I know a good bit about computers. Gimme a subject I know about and am interested in, and I can prattle about it endlessly in detail. I'm better at English than some people who speak it as their mother tongue (I don't).
Favorite Color: Red, black, silver, white, dark shades of blue and purple.
Favorite Food: Pasta, pizza.
Favorite Sport: None.
Where would you like to go in the world if you were able to go anywhere? Why?: A posh skyscraper apartment, with broadband Internet access and servants who kept me fed and clothed. Then I'd never have to step outside again. Nasssty sunlight...
Favorite quote/motto. Why?: "Quit yer whining." Because in just a few years, you'll look back at your teenage angst and facepalm over your stupidity. "Feeling lonely and content at the same time, I believe, is a rare kind of happiness." Self-explanatory.

Three adjectives about yourself: Placid, uninteresting, silent.
Mature or Immature?: Immature.
Leader or Follower?: Follower.
What's your energy level- low, medium, or high?: If by "energy" you mean energeticness, low. I'm the chick who can spend 10+ hours in a row just sitting in front of the computer.
Are you a morning or nighttime person?: Nightowl. I can easily stay awake 'til 6 AM, but waking up at 6 AM is torture.
What's your role in your group(s) of friends?: Psychiatrist/Agony Aunt.

Favorite character. Why?: Marufuji Shou, because he's a cute little hobbit. Tyranno Kenzan, because he's Just That Cool. Tenjouin Fubuki, because he's bloody hilarious.
Least favorite character. Why?: Tenjouin Asuka. Not because I have Teá Bashing Syndrome, but because she's rather uninteresting and bland. Johan Andersson. I don't trust him, he's too damn perfect.
Favorite pairing. Why?: Juudai/Shou and their blatant HoYay is actually what originally drew me into the series. Because they're THIS close to being fecking canon. Lately, however, Kenzan/Shou has ninja'd its way into my heart, even usurping Juudai/Shou's position as my favorite pairing. I'm not quite sure why. I think it might have something to do with me liking Kenzan's character more than Juudai's. Juudai's rather Gary-Stuish...

Anything else?: I'll be really surprised if you can match me into ANYTHING. I'm so bloody bland and uninteresting... hey, maybe I can be Asuka. XD

Describe what you look like in detail, or post atleast one or two, clear pictures of yourself. Please no cosplay:
With ponytail
Without ponytail

ETA: Oops, forgot to cut...
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